The Saem: Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 1.5 Review

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This review will be on my HG concealer from The Saem, which I thought would be appropriate as my debut review on this blog! It is a medium-high coverage concealer, the texture is velvety and smooth, good staying power and gives a very natural, skin-like finish.

The Saem's Cover Perfection line has a few concealers in forms of tube/stick/pot but I opted for the doe foot applicator version as its most convenient. It doesn't come packaged in a box, simply sealed with plastic film. I love how it has no frills attached and it just does the job.

Liquid concealer with doe foot applicator 
Shade options: #1 Clear Beige, #1.5 Natural Beige, #2 Rich Beige
SPF 28 PA++
6.8 grams
Price: $5.48 USD on beautynetkorea, $5.50-5.70USD on ebay (I bought mine off ebay here)
(approx. $8.70 NZD)

4 low risk potential acne triggers: talc, butylene glycol, stearic acid, dimethicone
I have used this for 7 months and have not broken out from it.
It has that light floral fragrance thats common in foundations/face makeup but only its only noticeable if you sniff it!

The applicator is just an ordinary doe foot one, soft and fuzzy. The stem of the applicator collects quite a bit of product but it doesn't get too messy, I've had no problems with any leaking or dripping at all.

Here is a swatch of the concealer. The darker areas of the swatch is where the product has been slightly rubbed into skin, the lighter part of how the product looks before blending. (Note: My inner arm is a lot paler than my face.) I am around NW20-25 on my face and it matches me pretty well.  I think the 1.5 is quite a neutral toned beige and would suit most people, but it is not very "yellow" so those with warm yellow undertones might not suit this.

And here is how it looks like fully blended. The formula is quite thick and dries fast so you have to start blending it in as soon as you apply it!

This is how it looks after vigorously rubbing it with water! Waterproof and smudge proof :")

On the outer side of my left arm I have a little mole, and you can see how well the concealer works in the right pic.  

How does it hold up on the face though? Without powder, it stays on fine even in humid weather if you are covering redness or dark circles, however if you are trying to cover a pimple, it will slip n slide and expose the pimple >:( So you must powder on top of it if you are trying to conceal pimples. The concealer lasts about 5 hours and then it starts to wear off. I use this concealer mainly for concealing redness around my nose which tends to get oily in hot summer weather, and I'm impressed with the staying power.

I do find the formula a bit thick for under eye concealing so I dot the product very carefully, making sure not to apply too much. The shade 1.5 matches my skin so it doesn't give that brightening effect to my undereyes, but very naturally conceals the discolouration.

This concealer looks best when applied after a primer, with any dry/rough patches smoothed out. If you don't feel like wearing a full face of bb cream or foundation, you can use this to cover up blemishes! I like to use Hada Labo's UV Creamy Gel (sunscreen) as my primer or the Etude House's Face Conditioning Cream.

So yeah this is a great concealer for covering blemishes/discolouration and I love it!! It is quite a small product but the low price tag is so affordable!! I can recommend this to those who have normal-dry skin but I think it could work on oily skin too.



-High coverage
-Excellent for concealing blemishes/discolouration on "flat surfaces"
-Long lasting
-Natural finish
-Has SPF


-Doesn't stay put on pimples/slippery/"irregular surfaces"
(Powder to lock in place)
-Must blend in quick before it dries

Most ideal for those looking for a concealer that covers blemishes and discolouration well.

Thank you for reading my review and I hope this was helpful to you♥
Please leave a comment if you like, the comments section is open to all~
[Edit: I didn't think I needed to include this but just in case you were wondering, I was not sponsored to write this review!]

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  1. Hey there! Love your review. It was really helpful. May I know if you are on the lighter skin tone or tan skin tone?? Love your blog but..could the wordings be a little bigger? Otherwise, all information given is on-spot!!

    1. Hi there! My skin tone is about NW20 (as I stated in the review) which is about light medium (not quite "light" and not "tan") with cool undertones. And what do you mean by "bigger wordings" ?? :-) Thanks for reading!

    2. Oh do you actually mean the font size? I'll make it a little bit bigger!


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